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Meet #MP4!

From the beautiful Island of Puerto Rico to the 'aina of Kaua'i, to the great state of Texas, to the Midwest and Appalachia, our newest volunteers have come from near and far to journey in a year of solidarity, simplicity, full-time service to those on the margins, servant leadership formation and intentional community living. We are thrilled to introduce #MP4, the fourth cohort of Marianist PULSE (Partners in Urban Leadership, Service and Education) and ask you to accompany us in prayer for our community and those we serve.  The community of #MP4 were Commissioned on August 2nd and have begun learning and contributing at their respective nonprofit placements. Our hearts are full as we welcome: Marty Bagatti Father Ted Cassidy, SM, commissions #MP4 at Bergamo Center Chapel St. Louis, Missouri University of Dayton 2019 The Dakota Center   Claire Riggan Tiffin, Iowa Chaminade University 2019 ECHO Shannon Clarke Cleveland Heights, Ohio University

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