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Relationships & Resiliency

Spectacle of Saints welcomes Sarah Wilker as our guest blogger this week. Sarah was among the first cohort of PULSE volunteers. She hails from St. Mary's, Ohio and is currently teaching at Chaminade Julienne High School in Dayton. Sarah shares with us how her year of service helped to prepare her for the vocation of teaching high school math and journeying with students through the barriers to education that exist outside the classroom.
As I'm sure many college students do, I started to second guess my career path as I headed into my senior year at UD. I was feeling called to work with teenagers and in urban education, but so often felt the frustrations as a classroom teacher as overpowering and never-ending. I learned quickly that my kids—and all students, for that matter—have a lot of stuff going on outside of the 48 minutes a high school teacher sees them each day. Families who've split, having to help  younger siblings, pressure from parents, lack of resources, friend d…

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