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Pro Tip: Asking the Right Questions

Continuing the Spectacle of Saints blog series on discernment during the month of October, we welcome current PULSE volunteer and former Christian Appalachian Project volunteer, Julia Mendlowitz-Love. As a result of discerning her involvement in two different volunteer programs, Julia brings much wisdom and insight to the topic. Julia is serving at Homefull during her PULSE year; you'll learn more about that in a future blog post!

Who do I want to be? 
What do I want to do?
Am I qualified? 
Is this the right time? 

With any discernment comes questions, but are these the right ones to be asking?
Considering a year of service is no simple task. How can you decide when there are so many opportunities and communities that need you? Believe it or not, you already know where you will be going and what you will be doing; you just haven’t been asking the right questions!

Do you want it to be faith-based or not? And to what degree? 

Do you want everyone to be the same denomination or would you rat…

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